Get Your First Look at the New Mickey’s Sail-a-Wave Party

Everyone loves a countdown, and Disney cruise lines are no exception. What better way to start your vacation than a heart-felt performance by your most loved character icon? Disney has unveiled their new themed cruise vacation, and in this one, Mickey is taking you on a once in a life time sailing adventure. The focus of this recap is on the introduction show that is performed at the beginning of the cruise and provides pictures of what the show looked like from the audience’s perspective.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Disney cruise vacation with Mickey’s sail-a-wave party which is on Disney wonder and Disney Magic is a new way to wave goodbye to work and school.
  • This party is a high energy countdown and it features a lot of events that people would love – Disney characters, dancing, and show-stopping performance.
  • One can get prepared for the action in the party by ordering their own Mickey mitts ahead of time because they get to show it off in the party.

“On a Disney cruise, you don’t even have to wait until the horn blows to get the party started!”

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