Party with Pixar Pals as Disney’s Hollywood Studios Celebrates 30 Years

Disney’s Hollywood Studio is rolling out An Infredible Celebration in honor of Munciberg’s favorite costumes heroes, The Incredibles! You can meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible at the Super Shindig, and enjoy music, photo ops, games and more in a gorgeous early 60s-inspired world straight out of Pixar’s hit movies. You can also meet Edna Mode and see some of her unique superhero costume designs at the Edna Mode Experience. You can then head over to Walt Disney Presents to tour the Scare Floor from Monsters Inc, or shrink down and meet Woody, Buzz and the rest in Toy Story Land!

Key Takeaways:

  • The author states that Disney’s Hollywood studios is one of his favorite parks and started visiting it on opening day which was May 1, 1989.
  • It’s been 30 years since Disney’s Hollywood studios opened but it is still full of excitement and fun. It is the perfect place to experience Pixar stories.
  • The entire area of the studio has a great vibe around it which reminds one of the 60s and is inspired by the Incredibles.

“An Incredible Celebration brings a Municiberg city block from Disney•Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” to life with a hometown celebration honoring the city’s super heroes – and the hero in all of us!”

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